Intermediate Lessons

For all intermediate surf lesson we recommend the 1.5hr Private surf lessons to get started. Once we have assess your needs we can then cater 1hr package deals for you to continue improving. We also offer before and after school improvement classes for both kids and adults to advance to the next level in a small group situation. Please contact us directly via email or phone us on 0438 731 503 to discuss the best options for your needs.

What you learn?

Intermediate surfing lessons are for improving and advancing your surf safety skills, to teach you better wave selection and upgrading your manoeuvres. We also teach you how to make, use and maintain your speed, and all important crowd situations. We can adapt this lesson to your needs.

Advanced surf lessons are designed and catered to help you implement the best manoeuvres, strategies for surfing in competitions. We can help you map your surfing goals. We will also design a warm up, fitness and nutrition plan that will cater to your own personal goals. We also offer you video/photo playback to give you a visual feedback of your surfing