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What you Learn

We are here to help you achieve your goals and your surfing potential with the many different lessons available.

Learn to surf at Coolum, Sunshine Coast.


All beginners are taught surf awareness in the lesson. This includes how to identify a safe surfing area and a safe swimming area. What to do if you find yourselves in trouble and how to get yourselves out of trouble.

We teach you about rips, gutters and sandbanks. During the lesson you will learn surf safety, surf etiquette, how to paddle and catch waves, how to control the surfboard and of course how to stand up and ride a wave to the beach.

After the basics are taught and the student is competent, Coolum Surfing School have ongoing classes available for development and for students to progress to the next level and towards their surfing potential.


Intermediate surfing lessons are for improving and advancing your surf safety skills, to teach you better wave selection and upgrading your manoeuvres.

We also teach you how to make, use and maintain your speed, and all important crowd situations. We can adapt this lesson to your needs.


Advanced surf lessons are designed and catered to help you implement the best manoeuvres, strategies for surfing in competitions.

We can help you map your surfing goals. We will also design a warm up, fitness and nutrition plan that will cater to your own personal goals. We also offer you video/photo playback to give you a visual feedback of your surfing.